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[REVIEW] I'm Not a Gold Fish Anymore after the Exophthalmos Surgery by EFIL

I'm Not a Gold Fish Anymore 
After the Exophthalmos Surgery by EFIL

 efil,prominent eyes
▲ After the Exophthalmos Surgery

It has been 3 months after the surgery. I can feel the time flies fast after the uncomfortable feeling has been also gone. It only has been 3 months. 

I had a big complex since I was a little girl. I got nicknames from my friends which is always related to prominent eyes. I thought about getting the double eyelid surgery, but I was worried about the eyes might have been even bigger. It was a real complex and had a lot of stress. Also, I didn't know there is a surgery for these eyes. After I got married and got busy so, I almost forgot that I had this complex. 

 efil,bulging eyes
▲Before the Exophthalmos Surgery

Suddenly, I found out that EFIL Plastic Surgery Center operated the exophthalmos surgery. Since that moment, I felt something in my mind. I hesitated once because I was in 40’s and a mother. However, I decided to live my rest of my life without my big bulging eyes. After I talked to Dr. Peter Kim, I wanted to get the surgery more than ever. Of course my husband opposed the expensive surgery at first, but I am satisfied with the result. 

Fortunately, the swelling and bruise was not that bad, and I got back to my work in 10 days after the surgery. Since there was no scar externally, people even didn’t recognize that I got exophthalmos surgery. I wore my glasses for 2 weeks. After one month, people actually told me I got prettier before, but couldn't find out how. Even my husband who opposed the surgery really likes my eyes. 

Even though I was worried about putting under general anesthesia, and my new face, I still would have done the surgery if I could go back to that moment. 
Thank you very much Dr. Peter Kim!

Original story from Mrs. Jung

▲ Before& After the Exophthalmos Surgery

벌써 수술한지 3개월이 지났네요 시간이 빨리 흐른것 같기도하고 이제 불편감이 거의 사라져서 아직 3개월밖에 안지났구나하는생각도 듭니다^^
저는 어릴때부터 민해경닯았다 금붕어 등 별명이 있었어요 컴플렉스에서 벗어나고자 성인이 되어서 쌍커풀수술도 해보고 했지만 외꺼풀일때보다 눈이 더 커지니까 눈이 넘 크다는 말을 많이 들었던것 같습니다 정말 컴플렉스였고 스트레스였지만 그때는 이런수술이 있는지도 몰랐어요^^ 그럭저럭 시간이지나 사랑하는사람도 만나고 결혼도하고 아이도 낳아서 키우면서 컴플렉스를 느낄틈도 없이 바쁘게 살았던것 같습니다. 
그러다가 우연한기회에 에필성형외과에서 돌출눈수술을 한다는것을 알게되었습니다 그때부터 저의심장은 뛰기 시작했어요~ 나이도 마흔이넘고 결혼도 했지만 하루를 살더라도 컴플렉스없이 살고싶다는생각이 간절해졌습니다 그래서 일단 상담을 받아보기로 했지요 상담을하고 나니까 더 믿음이가더라구요 첨엔 고가의 수술비와 신랑의 반대로 잠시 고민도 했었지만 수술받고난 지금은 넘 만족하고 있습니다 
그리고 생각만큼 멍도 붓기도 심하지 않아 저는 열흘정도 쉬고 직장에도 복귀할수있었습니다 외관상에 큰변화가 있는것이 아니라 주위에서 수술했는지도 잘모르더라구요 전 그냥 한이주정도는 안경 쓰고 다닌것같아요 그리고 한달정도지났을때부터는 어딘가모르게 이뻐졌다, 인상이 부드러워졌다는 말을 많이 들은것 같습니다 많이 반대했던 신랑도 좋아하더라구요^^ 
전신마취수술에대한 막연한 두려움, 수술후 변화될 내모습에 대한 걱정들로 괴로웠지만 다시 그상황이 온다고해도 전수술할것을 선택할것같습니다^^ 수술잘해주신 원장님께 정말 감사드립니다^^

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[NOTICE] Holiday Closure

Holiday Closure 

Chuseok, one of the biggest Korean national holidays and Hangul proclamation day(celebrate for Korean alphabet) are coming.

Most Koreans are so excited to have a long holiday.
The holiday is from Oct. 3rd to 9th.
(Chuseok : Oct.3rd~5th, 6th is the substitute holiday / Hangul proclamation day: 9th).

But there is nothing to worry!

Online consultation is always available!

Feel free to contact us! 
Your concerns will be received during this holiday!

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Q&A for Rhinoplasty

Q&A for Rhinoplasty

Are you thinking about getting the rhinoplasty?
I'm sure you think 
you hope to get a natural and beautiful nose 
after rhinoplasty.

Check what Dr. Peter Kim promises, 
and ask questions about the rhinoplasty. 


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Q&A for Big Bulge Eyes

Q&A for Big Bulge Eyes

Have you ever thought your eyes are too big?
Did you have a difficult time due to thyroid cancer?

Dr. Peter Kim will make your eyes as normal as other people.
Are you worried about the scar?
Don't! He has a special skill for you. 

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EFIL's Dr. Peter Kim Wins 2017 International Health Professional Award

EFIL Plastic Surgery Center’s 
Dr. Peter Kim wins honor with 
2017 International Health Professional Award

 dr.peter kim

Dr. Peter Kim at EFIL Plastic Surgery Center (herein after referred to as EFIL) has been chosen as the winner of the ‘2017 International Health Profession Award’ held by the International Biographical Center (IBC), Cambrige, UK is one of the top three world leaders in biographical publishing.

The letter of intent to receive the Award that was sent out to EFIL announced that only those achieving outstanding improvement and showing great leadership in the international community are awarded, and this year it will honor Dr. Kim as the winner of the Award.

Currently, Dr. Kim is a member of the Medical Tourism Promotion Committee supervised by the Medical Capital of Korea, Medi-city Daegu, vitalizing the local medical tourism industry and its overseas expansion. At the same time, he has released various research papers by participating in domestic and overseas conferences and symposiums around 160 times, and he has performed more than 2,500 facial bone plastic surgery cases in consideration of both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Dr. Kim said, 

“Each part of the face is all connected, so all things should be considered during facial bone plastic surgery. 
With this philosophy in mind, I will take the lead in working on and performing safe plastic surgery procedures for the better health and balanced beauty of patients.”

Designated as a leading medical institution in medical tourism in Daegu, the EFIL has become the first JCI accredited medical institution among plastic surgery centers located in Daegu and Gyeongbook Province, which means that its medical services are considered safe. Plus, its exophthalmos surgery (bulging eye surgery) has been chosen in 2017 as a medical technology to be nurtured under the Medical Tourism Promotion Project led by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In the meantime, IBC, ABI (American Biographical Institute), and Marquis Who’s Who are the top three biographical publishers worldwide.


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EFIL's Bulging Eye Surgery Designated as Advanced Medical Technology by the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

EFIL Plastic Surgery Center bulging eye surgery, designated as advanced medical technology to be supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare!

This surgery only takes 30-60 minutes and no hospitalization is needed. 

 Dr. Peter Kim, EFIL, exophthalmos

As a JCI accredited institution and leading health care provider in Daegu, EFIL Plastic Clinic’s exophthalmos surgery (bulging eye surgery) has been finally designated as advanced medical technology in 2017 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Currently, great attention is being paid to the technology by both the patients at home and abroad.

Earlier, Daegu City and EFIL put together a consortium to win the ‘Medical Tourism Promotion Project in Daegu with Exophthalmos Surgery’; which had been led by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. This project is aimed at nurturing locally-developed medical technology. Finally, in 2017, EFIL’s exophthalmos surgery was chosen as having the advanced medical technology and will be supported. 
As the title of the project indicates, the core of this project is exophthalmos surgery. Thanks to the designation of the technology, EFIL will be financially and administratively supported in the field of medical technology, infrastructure, and marketing. 

Regarding EFIL’s exophthalmos surgery, an incision is only made on the inside of the eyes, leaving no outside scars. To be specific, a special medical device allows the precise localization of the incisions into a tiny area of the bone to make more room in the eye socket, and then the bulging eye is moved back in. Thanks to this breakthrough procedure, there is a massive decrease in the amount of blood lost with less swelling. Plus, the operation just takes around 30 to 60 minutes and no hospitalization is required. This eye socket expanding surgery does not just make the bulging eyes look receded. Rather, it physically moves the protruding eyeball back in, which subsequently leads to more satisfaction among the patients. 
This cutting-edge surgical technology is not the only one that EFIL boasts of. Last year, EFIL achieved the accreditation of JCI, which has the possibility it to attract more foreign patients who have bulging eyes. JCI is an internationally credible health care accreditor that was able to establish cooperation with one of the highly recognized organizations, WHO. Only those meeting the strict international standards in health care service can have the honor of being given the JCI accreditation. 

EFIL’s Director, Dr. Peter Chanwoo Kim said, “We spare no efforts to actively attract not only domestic patients, but also foreign ones with bulging eyes”. Dr. Peter Kim also added, “We will also turn Daegu City turn into a medical hub by nurturing and promoting EFIL’s exophthalmos surgery globally”. 

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EFIL Plastic Surgery Center Acquired JCI

EFIL Plastic Surgery Center Acquired JCI 
Evaluation for ‘International Level of Safety for a Medical Institution’

 JCI certification for EFIL
▲ JCI Certification

EFIL Plastic Surgery Center, one of the Leading Medical Institutions in Daegu, acquired JCI (Joint Commission International) certification among the plastic surgery clinics in Daegu and Gyeongbuk for the first time. It is only the third JCI-accredited plastic surgery clinic in Korea.

JCI is a United States-based organization which accredits medical services from around the world, and it has a partnership with WHO to secure safety for the patients. With world-wide public confidence, JCI accreditation is acquired by a medical institution which has passed the rigorous international standards of medical service evaluation. 

 JCI certification for EFIL

JCI’s on-site evaluation checked if EFIL provides a medical service required by the JCI standards: patient treatment system, infection control, facility management, disaster and safety management, pharmaceutical administration, and medical equipment maintenance. As a result, EFIL received JCI accreditation, which is valid for three years from October 2016 to September 2019. 

It is a foundation stone for them to grow as a global medical institution above their domestic reputation. 

EFIL provides various plastic surgery treatments: bulging eye surgery, bimaxillary surgery, facial contouring surgery, nose surgery with diced rib cartilage, forehead reduction surgery, face-lifting surgery, migraine surgery, and botox and filler treatment. Notably, their bulging eye surgery was certified as a Leading Medical Technology for Medical Tourism by Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2017, and it is recognized by both domestic and foreign patients.

  Dr.Peter Kim

Chan-woo Kim, the Director of EFIL, said, “JCI approved that our medical service for patients’ safety and infrastructure meet their international standards,“ and emphasized that, “Our professional staff has countless surgical experiences. We use anesthesia that causes less bleeding, and ultrasonic waves that minimize the swelling, pain, and side effects. Therefore, both domestic and foreign patients are highly satisfied with our treatment.”

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Daegu Mayor Kwon Visited the EFIL Plastic Surgery Center

Daegu Mayor Kwon Visited 
the EFIL Plastic Surgery Center

The mayor visited EFIL plastic surgery center to encourage JCI accreditation, attracting foreign patients and medical infrastructure.

It was a meaningful time with the mayor to share advanced medical technologies such as EFIL`s vision and exophthalmos surgery.

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EFIL Tells You About : Orbital Bone Expanding Surgery to Get the Protruding Eyeball Back in

EFIL Tells You About : 
Orbital Bone Expanding Surgery to Get the Protruding Eyeball Back in

 orbital bone

Bulging eyes can be caused by shallowness of orbital bones. You can quit worrying about your bulging eyes with the help of ‘orbital bone expanding surgery’, which is one of the types of exophthalmos surgeries.

EFIL Plastic Surgery Clinic uses a special medical device for orbital bone  expanding surgery. Unlike the traditional exophthalmos surgery which restructures the eye socket, only the precise incisions into a orbital bone are conducted to make more room in the eye socket allowing the bulging eye to be moved back in. Thanks to this breakthrough procedure, there is a massive decrease in the amount of blood loss. Another advantage of this surgery is that it causes less swelling than a simple blepharoplasty. Plus, it only takes around 30-60 minutes, and no hospitalization is required.

To be more specific about the procedure of orbital bone expanding surgery, an incision is made inside of the eyes, leaving no external scaring. Then, the eye socket is exposed. The medial wall, the floor wall, and the lateral wall of the eye socket are minimally osteomized and expanded with a special medical device with less amount of blood loss. As a result, more room is created and the protruding eye moves back in.

 bulging eyes

To minimize the risks of side effects, such as eye movement disorders, 
an eye movement test is performed after the eye socket expanding surgery.

The eye socket expanding surgery does not make bulging eyes look receded. Rather, it really moves the protruding eyeball back in, which subsequently leads to more satisfaction among the patients.

For foreign patients who will undergo this surgery, they need to stay in Korea for around 1-2 weeks to complete all the procedures related to the surgery, which includes the duration of the surgery, postoperative care, and recovery.

To treat congenital bulging eyes, the eye socket expanding surgery can be performed right away without running a thyroid functioning test. However, if patients have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, the eye socket expanding surgery can be done after the patients recover from hyperthyroidism or have been treated for it for at least 1 year. If the eye socket expanding surgery is performed without hyperthyroidism being treated, then it is highly likely that the eye will bulge again. 

For the next column, the advantages of the eye socket expanding surgery will be covered. 

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EFIL Tells You About : What Causes Protruding /Bulging Eyes?

EFIL Tells You About :
What Causes Protruding /Bulging Eyes?

Some people are annoyed by the functional and aesthetic issues caused by a bulging eye. Then why do the eyes bulge abnormally causing exophthalmos?

Bulging eyes are caused by hypertrophic development of ethmoidal bullae of orbital bones.
The orbital bones, the eye socket, is composed of 4 parts to protect the eyes. If the eye socket is shallow, then, there is less room for the eyeball to be placed in it. As a result, the eyeball bulges out of the eye socket abnormally .

Congenital bulging eyes can be commonly caused by hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland is overactive and makes excessive amounts of the thyroid hormone. Bulging eyes are one of the common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. 

Since I have met many patients with bulging eyes and heard about their stories, I can assume that bulging eyes may possibly be related to problems in the lungs.
After keeping track of the lifestyle of the bulging eye patients, it has been found that most of them have repeated similar behaviors, which put an instant pressure on the lungs during inhalation.

Behaviors instantly pressurizing the lungs include  the act of suspending breath while dancing, singing, and playing a wind instrument, and habitual behaviors of suspending breath while playing sports such as swimming, diving underwater, and running.

In other words, when the breath is held, the pressure is added to the lungs. Then it is delivered to the honeycomb-type structure, the ethmoidal sinus, located between the eyes. If the behavior of suspended breathing becomes repetitive, it may lead to the expanding of the ethmoidal sinus. In this case, the room of the eye socket near the expanding ethmoidal sinus is reduced. As a result, the eyeball protrudes out of the eye socket.

bulge eye

In addition, based on the years of analysis of accumulated clinical experience, it can be inferred that frequent expression of anger or emotional changes due to excessive stress is another cause of bulging eyes. 

Patients who are eager to receive treatment for their bulging eyes may hesitate to undergo surgeries for fear of postoperative scars and possible side effects. However, an exophthalmos surgery has become a very safe operation thanks to more advanced plastic surgery procedures and technologically advanced medical devices.

 ‘Orbital Expanding Surgery’, which is one of the exophthalmos surgery types, has been highly acclaimed by patients because it can correct complex in their life with shallow orbital bones with no harm to the eyes

The next column will cover the eye socket expanding surgery which will resolve the root cause of the bulging eye.

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Exophthalmos (Prominent Eye) Surgery by EFIL

Exophthalmos (Prominent Eye) Surgery by EFIL 
What is Exophthalmos Surgery?

Exophthalmos (Prominent Eye) is to protrude (pop out) eyes abnormally, and they occur due to congenital and acquired cause. 

Prominent eyes have not only the aesthetic problem , but also can occur swelling eyes, congested eyes, and blurred vision. So they need to be corrected as soon as possible.
EFIL Plastic Surgery Center is the 1st and the only plastic surgery center performing to correct prominent eye surgery in Korea

 prominent eye

And other surgery centers perform surgeries which have an effect to just retract eyes but we EFIL perform the surgery which correct and retract prominent eyes.

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